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To UV or not to UV - advanced projection tutorial

A model is not enough for a good looking visualization. The lighting can be very important and material/textures cannot be overlooked as well. Material says: surface has been done from a metal, leather, fabric, skin - it makes your objects really live.



Material constructions and quality of your textures are very important, but a different question can be crucial: How to place them onto the surface? CINEMA 4D/BodyPaint 3d offers really many ways how to project your textures and materials. We can use many different geometric projections, we can restrict materials on selected areas only, we can use vertex maps, stick our textures to the surface without UV mesh, mix many projections directly in one material and much more. And very important is, CINEMA 4D/BodyPaint 3D offers a very powerful UV toolset as well.

This is the feature list of the tutorial:

Geometric projections, Selection tools and workflow, Layer shader, Projection shader, Stick texture tag and Set selection tag, Vertex maps, Material mixing, UV flow, materials and UV workflow, UV commands, UV training, Free stuff and examples, Fokker Dr.1 model, Very detailed head model and Library files

The tutorial contains up to 11 source files and 3 library files. The introduction part of the tutorial is available for free here:

The File contains tutorial files and final states.

Time: 3:51:42

C4D R13/R12 Prime

Price: 33 USD