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FREE Advanced Texturing Lesson

Everyone knows how to stack materials on an object. Yes, it´s really very nice and a very commonly used technique, nevertheless it has many weaknesses as well. Let´s say you would like to simulate graffiti on brickwork. So you can´t simply put a graffiti material with an alpha channel onto your object, because the graffiti layer will be not affected by the texture of the brickwork below it.


So we need something more advanced and more effective. The tutorial will teach you how to freely and independently stack textures inside your material. It will show you how to use two very powerful shaders and how to combine more projection inside a single material. It´s a magical feature and these two shaders that we talking about are a very powerful combo.

Any every material channel or any layer of a layer shader can have its own Texture tag independent projection, we can mix all of them and produce any look we need. We can change really everything. Any used parametrical or UV projection, tiles settings, size, and we can set a rotation and tileable distortion as well.

Who is the training intended to:

CINEMA 4D R12, R14, R15 Prime users, a source file is not included (it´s not necessary)

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