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Free CINEMA 4D Chamfer Maker modeling tutorial - a kitchen cabinet

Hello everybody, I have released my new free basic tutorial on CINEMA 4D and very helpful and resuscitated (again) plugin Chamfer Maker. It was originally developed by Anton Marshenko. It has been reworked by André Berg from www.irisvfx.com.Stop, this is not a plugin description but rather it´s about a real life use. We will build a fully realistic kitchen cabinet mesh in only a few minutes; with all roundings and so on.


Do you ask your self, 'Why? CINEMA 4D offers a very solid Bevel tool and so, who needs this plugin?' Hold on. There is an other task. CINEMA 4D Bevel tool changes the model's structure. Just imagine yourself. You have made a complex model and your client will say: I need a different rounding here... The default Bevel Tool is destructive in nature.


So, you must rework almost everything if you want to make a change after applying the default BevelTool. HOWEVER, Chamfer Maker makes the task very simple, because it GENERATES all the roundings. You can say - nothing happened, adjust a single value and voila, here is a new look of the detail. The ChamferMaker plugin is NON-destructive; it is a bevel generator. It´s a crucial magic touch of the plugin. It saves you time while modeling. it saves you time while making corrections. It´s a perfect daily use tool.

Where can you download it? It´s here, on André´s webpage www.irisvfx.com. The zip file contains three versions of the plugin. Just use a version that matches to your CINEMA 4D version and just place the 'plugin folder' to CINEMA 4D/plugins folder. That´s all. You will find it in CINEMA 4D Plugin menu.

About the modeling task. We will model a pretty perfect (but still simple) model of a kitchen cabinet and it will be done in only a few minutes. It is an extremely easy task, if you know "HOW". Chamfer Maker will do the rest...

So, don´t hesitate and download the last version of the Chamfer Maker plugin for CINEMA 4D. It´s a tool that will change your modeling process.

Do you want to know more about my stuff? Just visit me on my webpage www.c4d.cz

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