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Clothilde modeling tutorial

Clothilde engine, the cloth engine in CINEMA 4D is not a new feature. It was a part of the MOCCA module before and now it´s available in the Studio package. Almost everybody who tried it discovered it´s a pretty easy tool to use, but the results often doesn't look good. Yes, Clothilde is not the best feature in CINEMA 4D but it´s still a really very helpful tool especially for the modeling process. With Clothilde you are able to get really nice and realistic results with an almost perfect UV mesh. Is not a problem to model pillows, bags and others objects, but without correct and suitable UV mesh, the results will be wrong. Clothilde can solve these tasks. Clothilde can solve these tasks in a few minutes. It´s an almost perfect modeling toolset!



And here is the result of the first learning part here.

The tutorial contains:


File contains tutorial file and the final state.

The scene file is included!

Time: 00:55:31

CINEMA 4D R13/R12 Studio

Price: 12 USD