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CINEMA 4D R17 Content browser - my assets

CINEMA 4D R17 is here and I have to repeat my invitation. Why? Because I did it again! I worked on the new CINEMA 4D R17 Content browser content asset and I would like to show you all rigs and objects I made. So check all free videos bellow and renders - examples of several objects I did!


Many things have happened since my last email blast!

mico 1

micro 2


CINEMA 4D R17 is here already, and I have once again helped MAXON to improve the content browser library asset.





OK, what´s new? A dozen new things - new objects, rigs, and some very special stuff we did!



Let´s imagine an interior scene - a kitchen, for instance. When you do a kitchen, you have to model all cabinets, boxes, and so on. It´s nothing special, but it can take a lot of time.

So maybe it would be helpful to have something that can help you with this boring job. Something that can generate a very complex cabinet in a fraction of time. Well, I did it - a very complex cabinet rig. It generates almost all of the details and shapes that you usually need.

Or perhaps you need a vertical blinds object with a chain that connects blinds with all of its small spheres. It´s fully rigged, and we can adjust all possible details.

What´s next? Carrot, apple, tomato rigs, other vegetable objects, really fine wood shades and baked high-res textures, a high poly model such as a fridge (two versions), chesterfield sofa, standard sofa models, stove, oven, BMX bike, lots of chairs... Simply put, dozens of new objects.





Let´s follow all of the tutorials I prepared and some examples/renders below.

Modular Cabinets and Doors - CINEMA 4D R17 Content browser object

This rig is prepared especially for architects and designers, as well as for artists who need to build an interior scene or something along those lines. It´s a very powerful and solid cabinets and shelves generator that covers at least 90% of all possible looks and designs.

So it saves a lot of your time!

Training intended for: CINEMA 4D R17 Visualize and Studio users

Vertical Blinds Rig - CINEMA 4D R17 Content browser object

The Vertical Blinds Rig is one of many new objects we've prepared. It´s a part of the CINEMA 4D Studio Content browser (Architectural elements) asset and can generate a realistic detail of your interior scenes. It´s a fully animated object, ready for every scene you can imagine.

Training intended for: CINEMA 4D R17 Studio users

Vegetables - CINEMA 4D R17 Content browser object

CINEMA 4D R17 is here already and it´s partially transformed, because the MAXON CINEMA 4D developer has also changed.
It´s not just a software developing company; it´s a cash and carry, vegetables and fruits company as well. Here is a small preview of all vegetable and fruit assets I prepared for the CINEMA 4D R17 content browser. It contains three advanced rigs and several other well prepared models, including all materials, textures and assets you might need.

Training intended for: CINEMA 4D R17 Broadcast users

Personal lessons, case studies and video conferences

If  you are in need to improve (amost) any C4D skill and looking for a teacher/lesson, just don´t hesite and contact me. I can visit you all around the Europe, prepare a particular solution, tutorial, or make a videoconference.

I would like to thank to Charlie Bognar http://bogishawa.com/ for his support and help!

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