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CINEMA 4D R16 Content browser - my assets

Hi everybody, the hot news are coming! CINEMA 4D R16 has been announced and here is my invitation. Why? Because I made the new CINEMA 4D Content browser content asset and I would like to show you all rigs and objects I made. So check all free videos bellow!ke to show you all rigs and objects I made. So check all free videos bellow and renders - examples of several objects I did!

The list includes many high-poly and fully detailed objects that are very powerful and fully adaptable, such as a complex parametric windows objects library, a very complex rotation staircase object, advanced bone shaped pavement rig and so on. Just check all free videos below! skates

You can find these assets in several places in the content browser.

First off in CINEMA 4D Broadcast library, the Celebration folder. In this folder you will find 5 objects produced by me. Three very detailed and differently scaled gift box objects and two differently styled high poly ribbon objects.

The Sports items folder is the second key location of the Broadcast package. The library contains 10 of really high-end objects such as an American football ball, baseball ball, hockey puck, rigged basket ball basket construction, two golf clubs, American football helmet, Ice skates, skateboard and tennis racket. All objects are fully prepared, and complex materials such as high res unique textures, are included. Don´t miss the text folders of both categories.

In the Packaging section of the CINEMA 4D Visualize library, you will find 3 more objects done by me. Two differently styled paper bags and a nice Coffee Cup object. All objects here maintain the same quality level we mentioned before, with a lot of intricate details and fully textured and ready to use.

The assets I’m most proud of though are located in the CINEMA 4D Studio library. It’s in four folders, inside the 3D objects folder. They are called Door - modular, Pavement – modular, Staircase – modular and at last one Window – modular folder.

The Door folder contains an interior Door object with hidden hinges. Let´s say it´s a modern looking door object. It´s fully adaptable and you can adjust all its features including the handle.

The Pavement modular library contains two different setups. The first is a very complex and well textured Bone looking pavement rig. You can produce a very realistic pavement with all the intricate details you will find in these kinds of objects. The second object is a bit simpler. Nevertheless, it offers much wider flexibility and can be used in different tasks. It can be used as a brick wall or a pavement, anything you need.

The Staircase – modular folder contains two totally different staircase rigs. The straight staircase object and the complex spiral staircase object. The straight staircase is a simple but very solid and useful asset. The straight staircase object can offer very nice results very quickly. The Spiral staircase object is totally different as we mentioned before. This rig is much more complex and solid than the first and offers a lot more possibilities. You can control really everything, main dimension such as height, rotation angle, outer radius, inner radius, steps count and so on. The rig analyzes the designed shape all the time and informs you if the staircase is designed correctly or not. You can adjust all details of the object such as rails, balusters, risers, bottom cap and so on. You can see the possibilities of the spiral staircase setup in an example scene inside the Studio library.

The last folder of the 3D Objects studio library is Called Window – Modular. It´s the most complex and most useful rig I made ever. The library folder contains three similar window objects. The Window - Two wings object is the most complex of them. The Window - single wing is the second. And the simplest setup rig of the folder is called Window-solid. My rig does not use a simple Sweep object like other solutions, but it simulates real construction details and this is the key difference between other windows generators and plugins on the market! It generates breathtaking details such as wooden layered connections, real non-symmetrical construction with different details of left and right wings, inner dividers and much more.

I´m very proud to see one of the images I created used for promotional purposes in the R16 version, the newest build of Maxon’s Cinema 4D. The image I’m talking about is using the helmet object, one of the more intricately detailed objects. You will be able to see it in Maxon’s website and other promotional materials.

helmetCheck the gallery! I have uploaded many new "library"examples there!


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