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Free CINEMA 4D R16 Instancies painting tutorial

CINEMA 4D offers two different ways how to distribute instancies or an object on a suface and this tutorial will teach you both of them. Take the first hero of the lesson with a grain of salt. It´s a joke of course. But it´s a very nice example because we will see how to distribute all the pins on the toilet board effectively. The method needs CINEMA 4D Mograph module and a CINEMA 4D R16 feature called Polypen as well.



The second mentioned method is totally different and it uses another pretty old CINEMA 4D feature, it´s called Lighting tool. It does not need more. So, it´s really for everybody.

Who is the training intended to:

CINEMA 4D R16 Broadcast/Studio, a source file is not included (it´s not necessary)

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I would like to thank to: Charlie Bognar

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