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CINEMA 4D metaball&voxel painting tutorial

Do you sometimes use the CINEMA 4D metaball object? Yes, it´s not a fast feature, but still pretty nice and this tutorial will show you how to effectively use the upgraded metaball object, which CINEMA 4D R17 offers, and how can we combine it with a spline toolset that CINEMA 4D R17 release provides for a very nice interactive volume painting.


Hello everybody

I know, the CINEMA 4D Metaball object isn´t a crucial feature, but it's nicely upgraded and the paiting aproach is really very funny and interesting, but i have to still confirm it´s still singlethreaded object only, so it´s definitelly very slow while editing. On the other hand. All the new features are really nice and interesting.

Who is the training intended to:

CINEMA 4D R17 Prime, a source file is not included (it´s not necessary)

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I would like to thank to: Charlie Bognar (http://bogishawa.com)

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