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Cinema 4D Mograph Particle FX

I´m proud to present Maxon Cinema 4D Manipulation Masterclass. The primary thrust of this lesson is the myriad ways that particles can be manipulated for use. I will dispel the simplistic concept of particles as mere points. I teach methods of using particles to create very non-typical particle models. Models grown from particles that react in realtime to deformers, cloners and dynamics.

Enjoy a quick start to the C4D emitter features and then jump right in to particle use that will open your mind to new possibilities for your VFX portfolio. You will be taught new ways to control particles. Further, you will then learn to model from those particles. If you think you've 'seen it all', I´m here to prove you wrong.


Everything Volume 1

Project files package contains tutorial files and final states.

Time: 2:19:00

C4D R13, Broadcast

Price: 29,95 USD

NOTICE TO VIEWERS: This lesson requires a basic understanding of the Maxon C4D tools and features.


Chapter Descriptions

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Overview

Chapter 2 - The basic settings of the Particle and Emitter tabs

The Emitter object of CINEMA 4D is the main topic of the tutorial. We can use it many different ways, but the emitter itself will still stay the same. We must understand it really well. This chapter describes emitter main settings.


Chapter 3 - Particle System Modifiers and the 'include' tab of the Emitter Object

An emitter of CINEMA 4D can be affected by many external forces. These forces are generated by modifier objects, further we can use many modifiers on different emitters and combine them. You will learn you can include/exclude forces from your emitters and how to set them. Modifier possibilities are much wider than you probably expect.

Chapter 4 - Mograph Cloner and Matrix - base description and use with the particle system.


One of the most important features of CINEMA 4D is, that we can combine many technologies and features together. Particles system and MoGraph module stuff is really a very nice example of that. In this part we will, on a simple example, demonstrate how can we adjust the particle flow via deformers without the particles shape deforming. We will combine Particle emitter, MoGraph cloner, Matrix, MoGraph effectors and deformers. The result will be really amazing.


Chapter 5 - Dynamic Particles - MoDyn - Bullet dynamic system.


This part shows the use of advanced deformers and the use of the basic dynamic engine. A standard CINEMA 4D emitter object is not able to distribute instances from other object. The MoGraph module and deformers can help. In this part we will learn how to emit particles from the surface and how (basically) to use the CINEMA 4D dynamic engine (MoDyn).


Chapter 6 - Particle Effectors - The use of Emitters, Mograph cloners and Effectors

Particles generated by a emitter can be combined with the Mograph Cloner object directly. This simple technique accessing MoGraph features can produce a really nice result. With this method we can combine particle flow with effectors, change their colors and other material channels by these effectors and special various Mograph shaders

Chapter 7 - Particle Emitter and basic Mograph Tracer


The tracer object is an other amazing MoGraph module feature. It can draw splines segments generated from the particle flow. We are then able to use these splines and combine them with other CINEMA 4D tools. The result can be simple perfection. We will learn how to solve some technical aspects of the engine as well.


Chapter 8 - Particle Emitter, Tracer and MoSpline COMBINED

The MoSpline object can improve our particles workflow further yet. The tracer can not be affected by our modifiers or dynamic forces, but the MoSpline object can. We can combine the emitter, Tracer, MoSPline and get a fully dynamic grass engine for example.

Chapter 9 - MoDyn Baking - Particles and more advanced techniques involving the dynamic stuff, Mass/Density settings and baking.


Project files package contains tutorial files and final states.

Time: 2:19:00

C4D R13, Broadcast

Price: 29,95 USD