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CINEMA 4D Motion Camera tutorial

I have released my next tutorial on another MAXON CINEMA 4D amazing feature. This is a camera rigging feature – tags toolset, that helps you to generate an absolutely stunning camera behavior and animation. Why? Because a camera animation can be the crucial part of a whole animation process, can take the stuff to the action or make it very uninteresting.


Motion Camera

Price: 8.95 USD

ZIP file contains tutorial files and used interiour scene

Time: 00:41:36

C4D R14/15 Studio, Broadcast, Vis

This is a basic tutorial. It´s aimed for everybody who does not know how the toolset works and will cover all common features of the toolset. The tutorial was originally made for CINEMA 4D R14, so it shows the CINEMA 4D Morph tag and Motion Camera tags only. The Crain tag isn’t showed there, on the other hand, it works in a very similar way how the „human body simulation“ of the Motion camera tag works.

You will see we can combine many features and camera setups together and we will get an amazing , dynamic and very natural movement. CINEMA 4D motion camera tags toolset is a „little big“ feature of the package that will change your approach how you see camera animation.

NOTICE TO VIEWERS: (CINEMA 4D Motion camera toolset is a part of CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Visualize and Studio package)

Chapter Descriptions:

Chapter 1: Camera Morph tag

In the first chapter describes the main usage and settings of the Camera Morph tag. It will create a smooth transition between two or even more cameras by blending their values.

Chapter 2: Morph Tracks

This chapter goes deeper inside the settings of the Camera Morph tag, such as the Morph Tracks, for full control of the transition, animations, timing and so on.

Chapter 3: Motion Camera tag; Rig tab

The Motion.Camera tag creates a realistic camera behavior. In this chapter you will learn to achieve a ‘human camera man’ effect, which will make your camera much more natural. The first tab of the tag, Rig tab is explained. An other amazing described feature of the chapter is an option of a connectivity of a morhped camera and a motion camera.

Chapter 4: Motion Camera tag; Animation tab

The Animation tab will give you control about the animation of the camera. How the camera will move and bank, and when it will make a transition between two or more targets and move along more paths.

Chapter 5: Motion Camera tag; Chase object, Dynamics, Motion and Focus tab

The Chase Object mode of the Animation tab lets the camera chase an object. You can create really beautiful effects with this setting and almost without keyframes. With the remaining tabs, like the Dynamics, Motion and Focus we can apply detailed settings to make the camera motion so realistic, like it’s operated as a heavy camera on a human shoulder.

All in all this tutorial is a must have for everybody who would like to create realistic animations. Besides your materials, lighting etc, your camera setup can improve your animation drastically. Follow this tutorial and apply what you have learned to your animations. You will be amazed!


Price: 8.95 USD

ZIP file contains tutorial files and used interiour scene

Time: 00:41:36

C4D R14/15 Studio, Broadcast, Vis

I would like to thank you: Richard van Toorn and Weirdcore