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Cinema 4D Sculpting Vol 1

I have released Maxon C4d Sculpting Volume ONE. Sculpting is an amazing new feature of C4D, but it´s not only for painting details. It´s the best feature for everybody who needs make his own organic models, with correct topology, suitable for advanced animations and so on. The Sculpting is a magic feature that can eliminate one of two major modeling tasks. The standard modeling approach needs correct and well placed topology for a nice model. The sculpting context makes work much easier, because you can be creative first, design your character and then solve the topology accordingly to the shape of the character afterwards. Being able to disregard topology concerns until the model is complete is a huge advantage for artists. This new Maxon C4d Sculpting lesson will change the way you view modeling.




ZIP files contain tutorial files and all final states.

Time: 05:38:00

C4D R14 BodyPaint3D, Studio

Price: 36,95 USD


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Chapter Descriptions


CINEMA 4D Sculpting Layout


CINEMA 4d sculpting layout is a bit different than other C4D layouts. The main area and the editor view are still the same, but the right side of the layout is absolutely different. So, this chapter shows the main sculpting palette, layers manager, Object manager tab, Content browser tab and so on. The chapter demonstrates elementary sculpting rules and ideology of the sculpting process as well. This means: layers palette, use of tools, mouse and graphic tablet, and the sculpt tag. The second part of the chapter is dedicated to the Attributes manager settings of the brush. The settings tab is deeply described here.


Sculpting Tools Settings


The chapter demonstrates all the settings and parameters of the Falloff tab in the sculpting toolset, falloff samples saving, reloading, advanced spline gadget use and so on. The Stamp tab is the second topic of the chapter. Shown are all parameters of the tab again, content browser samples use (face parts) and others.


Sculpting Tools Settings


The next is the Symmetry tab. The CINEMA 4D sculpting symmetry feature is much more powerful than the standard modeling object of CINEMA 4D. So, we will see all settings of the tab and we will try to use it on many examples. We will combine many symmetry planes and radial symmetries together. The result can be really amazing. The last tab of the tool-settings is the Stencil. The Stencil is the best way to get the high resolution details levels. All parameters of the tab are shown as usual and is demonstrated with the Content browser assets.


Texture Making

CINEMA 4D offers really many amazing stamp and stencil texture samples, but it is not a problem to prepare a custom texture as well. This chapter shows how to get a really nice texture sample from a model.

Sculpting Toolset Description And Demonstration

The chapter demonstrates these tools: Wax tool, Smooth tool, Repeat tool, Erase tool, Fill tool, Flat tool, Grab tool, Inflate and the Knife. The Knife Tool is probably the best tool of the sculpting toolset. We will continue with the Pinch, Scrape and the Mask system.

Blueprint Set

Before we start with the sculpting, is necessary to prepare the blueprint set. I made a special reference picture using the Sketch and Toon feature. The blueprint set is set directly in 3D view.


Body Modeling And Sculpting

According to the description for the lesson we will build and sculpt the proxy mesh of the body and head. We will build the main state from very simple parametric objects like a sphere or cube. Sculpting tools will be used for the main shape of the body, but the chapter covers the main mechanics of the leg object creation as well.


Legs Sculpting

Sculpting of the proxy legs object made in the last chapter. We will create a mid-level detailed mesh suitable for the re-topology process.


Arms Modeling And Sculpting

The chapters shows the whole process from the simple parametric polygon object to the sculpted proxy mesh of the whole arm.

Proxy Mesh Advanced Sculpting

Before the re-topology process we need to adjust all object we made so far. We will adjust their states and shapes accordingly to other parts of the character. Further, you will learn how sculpt the details of the body and head. Then we will connect all proxy objects into an one connected mesh; which is necessary for the re-topology phase.

Re-topology Elementaries

The chapter shows all primary re-topology CINEMA 4D techniques. CINEMA 4D does not offer an unique re-topology system, but there are several very powerful features and tools that makes the job very simple and fast. This chapter covers all of them.


Head Re-topology

The workflow description is done, so we can retopologize the head of the dinosaur and we will build the mesh accordingly to the shape of the sculpted proxy head and body.


Arm And hand re-topology

Legs And foot re-topology

Body Re-topology

Re-topology of all body parts include the torso, neck, tail and so on. Connecting of all parts into one single mesh.


Details Finishing

Sometimes it is better to finish a model after the re-topology process, without a deformers and so on. Tips of the talons, the inner space of the mouth or the tip of the tail are all good examples. The chapter covers all these tasks.


UV Mesh

Before the sculpting, rigging or animating, of the final mesh, we must prepare a correct UV mesh for the object. CINEMA 4D offers an unique system and layout for the job, Bodypaint 3D and its UV layout.



ZIP files contain tutorial files and all final states.

Time: 05:38:00

C4D R14 BodyPaint3D, Studio

Price: 36,95 USD


Get the Sculpting bundle price for 1&2 54,95 USD!

More about the second volume is here >>>