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Advanced Sketch and Toon tutorial

Sketch and Toon module is one of the best NPR solution of the market and it´s very powerfull tool. Many CINEMA 4D users want to use it, but they don´t know how to start. If you want to be the "painter" and bring your projects to really natural look, this tutorial is perfect for you. It will learn almost everything about the Sketch material, Sketch style tag, "fill" shaders and the Render settings. Your knowledge will be tested on many examples and projects. If you want to get technical style, mango, artistic painting, or sketched scene, everthing is possible by Sketch and Toon module and this tutorial.



First two parts of the tutorial are available for free bellow.

Tutorial contains:

If you want to know more - visit the tutorial pages mirror here!

File contains tutorial file and the final state.

Time: 3:00:51

C4D R13/R12 Studio/Vis

Price: 25 USD