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CINEMA 4D Splines rendering tutorial for free

Do you own the Studio Bundle and don't use the Hair module? Change it today! I love the module, it´s an amazing feature of CINEMA 4D. We can use it for many different tasks and situations.


We can use it as a dynamic instances generator for Hair simulations, grass and so on, however we can also use it as an amazing organic modeling toolset. It´s the key topic of a new tutorial I´m preparing. Lastly, we can use it as a powerful splines rendering engine that´s supported by almost all CINEMA 4D rendering technologies including raytraced effects. Can you believe it?

So I made a short free tutorial for your. Oh, it´s not exactly a real tutorial, let´s say it´s a small tip and you can take it as an invitation to the tutorial I mentioned above.

The tip will teach you how to use the Hair module as a powerful spline rendering engine, how to setup all illumination models of the Hair material and much more.. So let´s start!

Who is the training intended to.

CINEMA 4D R13, R14, R15 Studio bundle users, a source file is not included (it´s not necessary)

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I would like to thank to: Charlie Bognar