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Kind words from YOU!


I like the tutorial (Fractals&Gels CINEMA 4D tutorial), great tip, and fun method to play with, many options so thanks for sharing.

Also great with a .mov, thumbs up!

You are one of the most interesting people to learn from....

Johnny Dahlgaard


... and I'm very glad I purchased your tutorial, because you mention so many good tips in that short piece of the course already. Many thanks for the good service.

... I can say that the courses you done on sculpting have helped me a great deal in understanding
underlaying  meaning of most functions and commands used in C4d sculpting.

Mark Sedoc


... Thank you for the great tutorial.
Another time easy to understand and interesting.

Daniel Kuhn


...think those series are definitely worth it's money !

I'm a pretty advanced C4D User, but nonetheless your stuff seems to be pretty solid at it's pure base.
Looking forward watching all those !

Thanks again !!!

Lasse Clausen, http://lasseclausen.com


...I already recommended there part1 to someone who asked about retopology. That was very enlightening.
It's a pity CmiVfx do not offer downloads of the video files though....

Manuel Abad


Great. Well, thanks again for this fabulous tutorial. I am genuinely excited to dive in (and I don't say that about tutorials very often!).

Neil Vaughan http://www.envy-studio.co.uk


I wanted to tell you I really appreciate your videos. Your explanations are clear and easy to understand for a non-native speaking English person.

You are a great instructor.

Usually, its hard to understand everything with US instructors because they speak way too fast, it’s completely different with you and the content is really instructive, clear and interesting.

Pierre Gibouin


I've listened to many really good modelers, animators, c4d gurus and I must tell you that you really stand out from that crowd.

Unique approaches, sometimes hard to follow, but strokes of the genius nevertheless.


Nebojsa Cekic


Hi Pavel,
I bought your Vol2 yesterday and I like it. It’s really a lot more in depth than what one can find elsewhere on the internet.

Markus Ceh