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Virus invasion – free CINEMA 4D procedural animation tutorial

CINEMA 4D offers many powerful and hidden features, such as the Mograph Extrude Deformer. This tutorial shows how to effectively use the Extrude deformer, how to model and realistic looking virus and how to set up a full animation.


In order to model a complex object in a procedural way, the user should use the Extrude object in order to achieve a very realistic simulation that does not require any keyframe.


I know other artists and mentors have made similar tutorials on this topic, however, I am confident that the tutorial that I have created is much more comprehensive because it provides more techniques, and it is also much more animated.

Who is the training intended to:
CINEMA 4D R15 Broaddcast/Studio and above, a source file is not included (it´s not necessary)

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I would like to thank to: Charlie Bognar (http://bogishawa.com)

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